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In the ever-improving world of technology, printers and related equipment remain relevant and necessary. Small to large businesses rely heavily on these devices’ seamless function for fast delivery, translating to better productivity.

As such, more marketplaces and companies specialize in supplying printers and related products. Some have physical stores, while others are online. But few can boast excellent products and the promise of long-lasting functionality.

Shoptech is one of the online stores that you can rely on. How? By letting consumer needs, preferences, and concerns guide company processes. We are a consumer-driven store for functional and long-lasting printers, toners, and spare parts. Learn more about Shoptech and how we can improve your business below.

Who Are We?

Shoptech is a leading online store for printers, spare parts, toner, and related products. For years, we have provided small and large businesses with these products. Our love for technology drove us to this field, and the excellent response from clients has kept us in business since.

Our success lies in partnership. We create long-lasting work relationships with certified dealers for the best devices. Every equipment or spare part that comes from our shop has the guarantee of ethical, legal, and reliable sourcing.

Our partnerships have also allowed us to provide clients with great prices. We think of quality and price as elements key to satisfying our clients. So rest assured that our favorable prices do not sacrifice quality.

Over the years, we have realized that our clients and potential customers lean toward high-quality items. Therefore, globally trusted brands like HP, Epson, Canon, Kyocera, Toshiba and Konica Minolta are the primary items in our inventory.

Buyers are welcome to find toner, spare parts, and even multi-functional printers in these brands from our well-established online marketplace. And if there is an item you cannot find on our platform, you can request the item, and we will get to it!

Satisfying consumer needs and improving experiences are the foundation of our establishment.



Our mission is to provide businesses and individuals with high-quality printers, toners, and spare parts. The disappointment of broken-down devices from users does not sit well with us. We want to provide our clients with machines that serve their needs for a long time. Partnering with us means less disappointment and more reliable, updated, and long-lasting technology. 


Currently, we serve clients in Nairobi and its environs. The feedback from our clients has been promising. This has pushed us to dream bigger. We are working towards becoming the leading printer supply shop in Kenya.

Our vision is to be a sought-after marketplace for clients across East Africa. Continuing partnerships with existing and potential clients will bring us closer to this vision.

Our Principles


We have constantly heard complaints from users about the lack of integrity from suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers. And that is why we are working to restore faith in those who had less than honest encounters with suppliers.

We are keen on maintaining integrity throughout every company process, from sourcing equipment to putting the final price tag. Our approach is mindful of the consumer and we are a company you can trust for competitive prices and good-quality products.


Our team believes that working together is the key to success. That is why teamwork is an important part of our company processes. We strive to maintain functional working relationships with suppliers to ensure success. In addition, our staff is well-trained in the importance of collaboration for better outcomes.


We are passionate about this type of technology. And through this joy, we have realized better innovation, high productivity, and better investments. In short, it has made us better in what we do.


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Our Partners

Shoptech has partnered with several top brands company and is an authorized distributor of major companies in the industry. We pride ourselves in offering the original products at the best price.


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